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Warming & spicy Moroccan Couscous

A flavourful hearty, yet healthy dish packed full of roasted vegetables and topped with succulent spicy chicken.

Light, yet warming, this dish is perfect for these chilly spring evenings, and, without the chicken, makes a great vegetarian meal or side dish. Using our Moroccan Style Marinade gives an amazing depth of taste, but eliminates the need for lots of spices so this dish is really quick and simple to make.

You can use a combination of any veg, Cherry Tomatoes added 5 minutes before the end of cooking add a delicious burst of flavour to this dish.

Serves 2

2 Chicken Breasts

Lincolnshire Drizzle Moroccan Style Marinade

1 Red Onion

1/2 Red Pepper

1/2 Courgette

Button Mushrooms

1/2 Aubergine

200g Couscous

400ml hot chicken stock

Coriander - chopped

Dice the chicken and coat with a generous dollop of Moroccan Style Marinade for at least a couple of hours.

Quarter the red onion, then halve again (depending on size).

Cut the red pepper, courgette and aubergine into similar sizes as the onion chunks.

Leave the button mushrooms whole, or halve them if they are big.

Coat all the veg in the Morrocan style marinade and roast for around 40 minutes, adding the chicken chunks 20-25 minutes before the end.

Meanwhile, make up the couscous by pouring the hot stock over the dried couscous in a large bowl and covering with a plate for 5-10 minutes. Then stir through a generous dollop of Morrocan Style Marinade for extra flavour.

When the veg and chicken is cooked, stir through the couscous, reserving a little chicken for the top.

Sprinkle over the chopped coriander and serve.

This dish can be made ahead and chilled to make a couscous salad which is ideal for a packed lunch.

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