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Delicious taste for a healthier life

-   ABOUT US  -

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A love of food, especially the healthy variety, has driven the innovation and development of the Lincolnshire Drizzle Company.  We wanted to create a really delicious range of products to complement fine foods.

As with all great products you need great ingredients, so we spent our time sourcing the very finest. Our first stop, and the core of all our recipes, was the Award winning Ownsworths Rapeseed Oil. Grown in the finest soils of their farm in the heart of Lincolnshire, this gives a rich golden colour and delicious taste you won't find anywhere else.

We set about creating a range of dressings, marinades and pesto's that deliver great taste with all the health benefits. Rapeseed Oil has the lowest saturated fat of any culinary oil, and less than half that of Olive Oil.  When used in a balanced diet, it is a great source of low saturated fat, normally obtained from olives and fish, known as the Mediterrean diet. It is packed with the vital Omega oils 3,6 & 9, as well as containing plant sterols and is a rich source of vitamin E, an antioxidant that contributes to the protection of cells from oxidative stress.

We use extra virgin cold pressed oil in all our products in order to maximise the health benefits. Extra Virgin means the oil has not been tampered with and is completely free of any refinement processes which may remove nutrients, vitamins and supplements that are required as part of a balanced diet.

We've developed all our products using only real ingredients and nothing artificial so that they taste full-flavoured and natural.  They are also Gluten, dairy and nut free.

Please take time to look at our ranges and most importantly, we hope you enjoy the taste as much as we do. From the spicy warmth of our Chilli drizzle, the zesty taste of our Orange & Ginger and Lemon Dressings and the fruity sticky sweetness of our Raspberry and Mint Dressing, we aim to bring the most beautiful tastes from our imagination onto your plate.


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