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Get wild with Salmon

Serve salmon with our Lemon dressing for a light and healthy mid week meal

Although farmed salmon is available all year round, wild salmon is only available from March to September, according to BBC Good Food’s seasonality table;

To choose the best wild salmon; check that the flesh is firm and pale pink in colour. Farmed salmon should be quite a bright pink and Organic salmon is always farmed as it’s the only way to guarantee that it’s organic.

With it’s distinct yet delicate flavour, salmon is so versatile. Try cooking it en papillote, which means steaming the salmon in a parcel in it’s own marinade, this is such a delicious way to cook salmon as it comes out so beautifully moist.

To do this drizzle the salmon with your favourite Lincolnshire Drizzle Salad Dressing, the lemon one goes perfectly with salmon, and then gently wrap it in foil or grease proof paper. Cook in the oven at 180C/160C Fan or gas 4 for about 20 minutes. Serve with new potatoes and your favourite seasonal vegetable.

Or if you prefer something with a little bit of spice, drizzle the salmon with our Sweet Chilli Dressing, place some finely sliced carrots and courgettes into the parcel and cook in the same way. When cooked squeeze over some lime juice, sprinkle over some fresh chopped coriander and serve with rice.

Quick, simple, healthy and delicious, what more could you ask for!

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