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Eat with the seasons

We are a little spoilt for choice when it comes to fruit and vegetables these days with global export providing us Strawberries in January and pumpkins in June! It’s easily forgotten that most produce has a season but eating seasonally (and locally where possible) can offer many benefits for your health and for the environment.

Why in season is best

Taste: Produce that has been allowed to naturally ripen in the sun and is freshly picked will have the best flavour – fragrant, juicy and colourful. Just think about how delicious our English grown strawberries are this time of year, oh and English asparagus, can’t be beaten!

Nutrition: Research has shown that the levels of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals is higher in produce that has been allowed to ripen in the sun and has been picked when ripe and fully developed. This is because plants get their nourishment from the sun and soil.

Health: Seasonal foods compliment the changing needs of our body in different conditions. Winter vegetables tend to be warming and dense, like root vegetables, whereas in summer the produce in season tends to be more hydrating – think cucumbers, and watermelons. In Spring, an abundance of leafy greens come into season, perfect for helping our bodies alkalize after winter’s heavier fare.

Environment: Foods grown in season and picked when ripe require much less assistance to grow – which means less pesticides and chemicals. Eating in season also means you’re more likely to be eating from your local growers – which means less food miles, and a lower carbon footprint.

What to eat right now:

The fruits and veg at their best now include new potatoes and peas, along with many others, if you want to see month by month, check out this handy guide from BBC good food. In the meantime, try steaming some new potatoes (Jersey Royals are especially good this time of year), adding the peas at the end to cook them through. Then drizzle in some of our Lemon Salad Dressing and some fresh mint leaves, delicious! If you dress the potatoes whilst still warm, they take on a delicious yet subtle taste from the dressing.

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