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Be Happy, Eat Healthy And Love The Taste

After a long hot summer of lazy days and ice-cream overload, kick start Autumn with a healthier balance and get yourself ready for the colder months ahead.

Remember, you don’t have to compromise on taste to eat more healthily, it’s all about a balance and eating better can be achieved by making small changes such as choosing a healthier oil for cooking, snacking on nuts and seeds and eating just one more portion of fruit or veg every day.

Include veg with every meal

It was our love of food and desire for a healthier diet that led us to use more Rapeseed Oil in our cooking rather than Olive oil and other vegetable oils. It’s light, delicious and super healthy, and it’s at the heart of our Salad Dressings, Marinades and Pesto. It’s so simple to make a change to a healthier life using one of our natural and delicious products to add zip to your cooking.

What’s so good about rapeseed oil?

So, what’s so special about this light & mild golden oil indigenous to the English countryside and now very much a huge part of our farming production? Here’s 3 key health benefits of this delicious and delicately flavoured oil that may surprise you…

1. GOOD FOR THE BRAIN - It is abundant with essential fatty acids (ones we need to eat as our body can’t make them) such as Omega 3, 6 and 9. Omega 3 fatty acid is among the finest nutrients that can benefit brain health and joint health, omega-3s have also been associated with reduced levels of depression and improved mood! Rapeseed oil has Omega 3 in abundance.

2. GOOD FOR THE SKIN, HAIR & EYES - It is abundant in Vitamin E, a super anti-oxidant nutrient which is good for the eyes, skin and hair as well as the immune system.

3. HELPS LOWER CHOLESTEROL - It is low in saturated fats and high in mon-unsaturated fats which are said to help reduce cholesterol levels in the blood which may help to lower the risk of heart disease.

Rapeseed oil is high in Omega 3

Our range of dressings, marinades and Pesto are all rich in this nutrient dense golden oil and are great for so many culinary uses. Our dressings are delicious drizzled over leafy salad, cous cous or a pasta salad, but because Rapeseed Oil has a high smoke point, they make great cooking oils too. Any one of our dressings can be used to gently fry onion, mushrooms, peppers or any other vegetables, and are also great for roasting whilst infusing the flavour of the dressing into the food you are cooking.

They are perfect for simple mid-week meals. Try roasting butter nut squash in our sweet chilli dressing until soft and starting to caramelise, then stir through pasta with rocket, goats cheese and pine nuts. Or use the balsamic dressing to roast Mediterranean vegetables and serve with Chicken or stir through pasta with parmesan.

Our Pesto’s make quick, simple and delicious meals. Simply stir through pasta, add to soups or try adding a tablespoon to a bolognaise sauce for a tasty, herby twist.

And our marinades are delicious with a range of meats and can also be used to roast vegetables for a deeper more intense flavour.

Just stir out pesto through your favourite pasta

Making a few small changes for a healthier life doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with food and experiment with new flavours all the time. You might just find something new and healthy that you absolutely LOVE.

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