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Rapeseed Oil - is it healthy?

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How healthy is Rapseed Oil?

Would all of our weight loss problems be solved if we just eliminated fat from our diets? Unfortunately, it's not that simple. We actually need fats -- can't live without them, in fact. Fats are an important part of a healthy diet: They provide essential fatty acids, keep our skin soft, deliver fat-soluble vitamins, and are a great source of energizing fuel.

Measured up against other oils, rapeseed oil has the least levels of saturated fat of all oils with half the amount of Olive oil, as well as having a bigger proportion of polyunsaturated fat – this lowers the bad cholesterol (LDL Cholesterol).

A noteworthy fact worth pointing out about rapeseed oil is it is loaded with omega oils which are typically sourced from fish and fish products. It has been well publicized that omega 3 fatty acid is among the finest nutrients that can benefit brain health. It does this by enhancing the permeability of brain cells, promoting their communication. Omega 3 is also a strong antioxidant, and is also great for joint health. Essential fatty acid omega-6 benefits the respiratory system, circulatory system and the brain and is also found in Rapeseed oil.

Rapeseed oil is loaded with Vitamin E which is good for the eyes, skin, hair, as well as the immune system.

Then there’s the high smoke point making it a good choice for cooking.

And of course.... it tastes delicious, which is why we use it in our dressings.

So all in all it could be said that Rapeseed oil is a healthier choice!

Try one of our natural and delicious dressings which are all made with Ownsworths award winning Cold Pressed rapeseed oil. They can be used to cook with too, try our Balsamic drizzled over Mediterranean vegetable before roasting, our Lemon Dressing drizzled over salmon before grilling, our Orange & Ginger dressing is perfect for stir fries, and our Chilli dressing makes delicious spicy roasted potato wedges.

Try drizzling our Lemon dressing over salmon, works well with Chilli dressing too

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