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Fire up the BBQ, drizzle over the dressing and here's where to buy us...

The sun is shining and seems here to stay for a while at least, and so we’ve decided that it must be outdoor dining season!

For an ultimate BBQ we have a couple of tips to share, mainly ones that involve our delicious dressings and marinades! They are so quick and easy to use adding instant flavour to complement that lovely smokey BBQ taste.

In my opinion, homemade burgers are best. Even if made simply with nothing but salt, pepper and good-quality meat, they will be better than anything you can buy. Make sure your mince has plenty of fat for juicy, flavourful burgers whether you like them pink in the middle or cooked right through. You can try mixing in some Spicy Chili Marinade if you fancy a bit of a kick to your burger!

One of our favourite ways to BBQ fish is to drizzle it with our Lemon dressing, we also tried the Orange & Ginger on Salmon recently and it was delicious. Simply drizzle over the fish and wrap in foil, then stick on the grill.

And of course, the pièce de résistance, our marinades. Raspberry & Mint for lamb, Moroccan style for chicken or lamb and spicy Chili for any meat you fancy! Leave to marinade for a few hours and save some marinade when you make them to brush your meat or fish every 10 minutes as it cooks. That way it will add moisture, trap the smoke flavour and caramelise gently as it goes. If you're catering for veggies, then drizzle some of our Chili marinade, or Lemon dressing, over Halloumi before cooking on the BBQ.

And don’t forget the accompaniments! A big bowl of salad with your favourite Lincolnshire Drizzle Salad Dressing will complement your choice of meats and fish well.

Where you'll find us...

You can buy us at Doddington Farm Shop, Four Seasons Garden Centre in Sleaford, Syston Park in Grantham, Raw in Bingham and The Windmill Shop in Heckington. And new this week you’ll find us in Manor Farm Poultry Farm Shop in Sleaford, Holleybeck Garden Centre in Southwell and Otters Fine Foods in Oakham.

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