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Shake me to wake me

There’s nothing like a fresh salad to complement a summer meal. At The LDC, we’re spoiled for choice when it comes to salad recipes as you can do so much with our range of dressings. From a classic Tuna salad with our Balsamic dressing to a spicy Chicken salad with our Sweet Chilli dressing or a tangy Duck salad with our Orange & Ginger dressing, there’s something to suit any occasion.

But as our dressings are packed full of lots of lovely real spices, herbs or onion that settle over life it's so important to remember to give them a really good shake before you use them to make sure all those lovely ingredients are well blended.

Give them a good shake to wake up all those lovely ingredients.

We’ve come up with this English garden salad using our deliciously fresh tasting lemon drizzle and a combination of fresh homegrown veg and English garden mint.

English Garden Salad


500g new potatoes

350g runner beans

A bunch of spring onions

240g of cherry tomatoes

200g Cheshire or Lancashire cheese

A good handful of fresh garden mint roughly chopped

5-6 tbsp of Lemon dressing


Slice the potatoes and cook them in a large pan of salted boiling water for 7 minutes. While they’re cooking, trim and diagonally slice the runner beans and chop the spring onions. Add the beans to the pan and cook for a further 7-9 minutes, until the potatoes and beans are just tender.

Drain the veg and run under cold water until they are cool. Drain again thoroughly and tip into a large bowl. Add the onions and tomatoes, crumble in the cheese and mix well.

Add most of the mint and the Lemon Dressing and toss everything lightly together. Tip into a serving dish, or directly onto serving plates, drizzle with a little more dressing and scatter over the rest of the mint.

Serves 4.

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